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SIDE BY SIDE by Wendy Louise (Blog Tour) @wendylouisebook & @InkSlingerPR

Side By Side Synopsis:
What would you do if your childhood best friend, your soul mate, and the one person that means more than anyone else in the world was suddenly in front of you after disappearing from your life ten years ago?

Would you risk your stable life, to allow them back in to your heart, even after they had left you without any explanation?

Katy Lou Reynolds needs to make a choice. She can either ignore the fact that Elijah Trent is standing in the middle of the cage about to fight, or she can face him and demand answers as to why he left her.

Is it worth risking her heart for her one true love even though she knows it may get broken again, or is it better to let him walk away?


When Katy Lou tags along with her boyfriend to an Underground Cage fight, the last thing she expects to find in the ring is her childhood best friend, Elijah. Seeing him again brings back distant memories - a drunken mother, an absent father and relentless school bullies. Most of all, it re-awakens the feelings she had for him. Elijah has always held her heart; but after he left her when they were fourteen, without a word, can she risk everything to let him back in to her life again?

Elijah is a great fighter. He channels all the aggression he suffered at the hands of an abusive father in to every fight, every time. His success feeds his lifestyle of new cities and endless women, eager to spend time with him. His one regret has always been leaving behind his best friend, Katy Lou. There's nothing he wouldn't give to see her again, but if he does, would she forgive him for leaving her and risk her heart?
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We give our names to the bouncer at the door and we are ushered straight through to a room at the back of the club. Another bouncer stands guard here, but Caleb spots us, or I should say Mindy, and comes forward allowing us entry.
“This way to heaven ladies,” he says as he leads us towards a bar at the side of the room. My head is swinging left and right trying to get a glimpse of who is here and trying to find Elijah, but I can’t see him anywhere.
“Is Elijah here?” I ask Caleb.
“Not yet but he will be. Now what’ll it be?”
Mindy orders a vodka and lime so I follow suit. I can’t think for myself at this point in time, so I just go with the flow and let her do the thinking for both of us.
“What are your names ladies?” Caleb asks looking directly at Mindy. I may as well be invisible.
“I’m Mindy and this is Katy.” She says gesturing to me.
He turns to look at me, smiling warmly he asks, “And you are an old friend of Eli’s?”
I nod, “We grew up together.”
He nods back and then gets distracted by a commotion at the door. “Don’t move,” he says to Mindy as he weaves his way through the bodies towards the entrance to the VIP area.
That’s when I see the centre of the commotion.
Only a short distance away.
He has obviously showered after the fight and he is dressed in faded denim jeans that hug his powerful lean legs in every way that counts. He has a black button-down shirt on with the sleeves rolled back to show off the powerful muscles that reside in those forearms of his that I love so much. Those green eyes look striking against the black of his shirt and the dark spikes of his freshly washed hair.
Those slutty women are still hanging on to him as he enters the room to a round of applause.
Caleb greets him at the door and gives him a one-armed hug as he slaps him on the back in congratulations. I see Caleb smiling and talking in to his ear and then I see Caleb’s head turn towards the bar, where we are currently standing watching this all play out.
If I thought I was nervous before, that’s nothing on what I am feeling now. I think I am going to faint, and if it weren’t for leaning on the bar on one side and Mindy grasping my elbow on the other, I think I would.
“It’s showtime,” Mindy whispers in to my ear as I watch everything turn to slow motion as Caleb approaches with Elijah following behind him. People keep stopping him to shake his hand and congratulate him so it takes what feels like forever for them to weave their way to us.
Caleb reaches Mindy and pulls her in to his side protectively, staking his claim for the evening.
The answering smile on Mindy’s face is priceless. I know whose bed she will be warming tonight.
I turn my head back to the direction that Elijah was moving from and my eyes slam in to his. He is standing directly in front of me and the butterflies that were in my stomach are now clogging my throat causing a lump a mile wide to sit there.
I can’t speak.
I can’t breathe.
And neither.


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Wendy Louise Bio:
Hi, I’m Wendy Louise. I’m a wife and mum living in Melbourne, Australia. I love to read and write, and I somehow managed to fit writing this book in between my regular day time duties, which include a full-time job and life in general with two busy children.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After many surgeries and treatments, I learnt that life is short and you need to grab it while you can. I always wanted to write, and I realised that it was now or never.

You can usually find me with a few books on the go at once – whether that be reading them, or writing them. I love chocolate and trashy reality TV. It’s not unusual for me to combine all these and attempt to write, while watching an episode of the Kardashians or The Bachelor, and devouring a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk…..

I am so excited to bring ‘Side by Side’ to you all. It has been such a labour of love for me. I presently have four other novels nearing completion, so I am excited to follow this up with many more.

I hope you enjoy reading Elijah and Katy’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Twitter: @wendylouisebook
Instagram: wendylouisebooks

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