Tuesday, 2 June 2015

In Transition by Kimberly Hart (Cover Reveal)

Title: In Transition
Author: Kimberly Hart     
Genre: Poetry
*Warnings: Strong sexual content & language. (18+ Only)*
Anticipated Release Date: July 2015

Transition (verb) - movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another

Throughout our lives, we go through many changes.  The musings of our hearts grow from little quiet flutters to intense and thunderous palpitations that captivate us in ways that we never dreamed possible.  

In Transition, is a collection of poems that capture the amazing emotional changes that we have all had.  This poetry explores the new feelings we have about ourselves, love, sex, friendship, and life.  The beauty and tragedy of reaching new stages and experiencing things as we want to experience them, not as we’re told.  Raw emotion that comes from the heart exposing a portion of the soul that rarely gets a chance to be heard. 

Author Information:

While the world of paint and analytical chemistry consumes her day time, Kimberly’s true passions lie with her love of the arts. Finding the beauty in music, art, fiction, and poetry is something that eases the stress of the 9 to 5.

In addition to her poetic vices, Kimberly is a loving wife and mother of two awesomesauce little boys. Weekends filled with hockey rinks, swimming pools, and backyard fun are some of the inspiration to her prose.

But don't be fooled - this semi-nerdy, hockey mom has a much deeper, risqué, and (dare we say) naughty side. She currently has two collections - more. and Behind Closed Doors available. They are her attempts at exposing the writing community she has come to know and love to her talent and love for poetry. 

In Transition is her third collection and is anticipated for release July 2015.

Links for more. and Behind Closed Doors:

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