Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Set In Flames by Sam Destiny (Cover Reveal)

 Title: Set In Flames (Morningstar Novel #1)
Author: Sam Destiny
Release Date: Winter 2014/2015
Genre: Paranormal Adult
Cover Designer: Airicka’s Mystical Creations
Warnings: language, sexual content, violence
Intended for Mature Audiences (18+)


Maya James is on the run. Her parents aren’t her true parents, her body is acting all kinds of weird lately and she is tired. Really tired. So when she meets a stranger, one that literally makes her world glow, she decides that he might just be the one to help her.
Get in, get sleep, get out – that was the plan. She didn’t intend on spending weeks all by herself, resented by the first guy that stirs something other than hate in her - and most of all she didn’t plan on being betrayed by the only person she gave her trust to in more than two years. What do you do when the choices you are forced to make not only concern you, but a whole race as well?

Morningstar warrior Jaden loves his women blond, long-legged and casual. No name, no repeat And he's lucky that this is just what a midnight-stranger offers him: a roll between the sheets. No love, no commitment.
He doesn’t expect that she’s still there the next morning, and even less that she all of the sudden becomes his responsibility. One he needs as much as he needs sunlight – not at all.
In order to give his race new hope, Jaden agrees to do what has to be done. But once the time rolls around, his race might be the last thing he really thinks about.

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