Monday, 20 October 2014

Alathia Paris Morgan Promot

Alathia Paris Morgan

Ding Dong! Is She Dead? A Nova Lady Adventure Book #1

Sent into Witness Protection, Allie goes to deliver her friend’s beauty products only to find her door hanging on its hinges and a trail of blood leading to a body. Is she dead?

Is the police force covering up for one of their own? Is there a safe option for Allie, who is trying to protect the daughter her friend left behind? Is Justin willing to help her or only get close enough to help the person trying to kill her?

No one has ever believed in Allie until she becomes a Nova Lady. Will this give her the confidence she needs to survive? Is there any way for Allie to overcome her fear and trust Justin? Can she survive the terror that threatens to overwhelm them?

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Author Bio:

After the death of her brother in 2013, she decided that life was a lot shorter than she had planned. So she began writing with NANOWRIMO Camp in April. After starting the story, she realized that the ladies in her book would take more than one book to tell the entire story. Thus the Nova Ladies series was born starting with Ding Dong! Is She Dead?.
A supportive and loving husband has given her the chance to make her dreams a reality. Their three daughters and two dogs keep her busy when she is not delivering orders or working her Avon I.S.R. business.

In her free time, she loves reading. Considering that she owns over 6000 books, it makes reading material very accessible. She also enjoys quilting and watches tv while hanging out with her daughters.


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