Sunday, 10 June 2012


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You know that feeling when you get off a roller coaster(assuming you're not amazingly terrified of heights or of sudden death drops)? That feeling of nausea, elation and pride in yourself for not throwing up on the dude in front of you? Then, there's that feeling of accomplishment; you looked death in the eye and laughed... all the way down that twenty-foot drop!
Well, that is the feeling I think most authors get when their dream of putting a book out into the world.
I've already had the immense pleasure of seeing my name in print with my story in the Clever Fiction Anthology: Clever Beginnings, and as much as I love the other authors and their stories, holding a book with my name stamped on the front... wow!
TOUCHING SMOKE (Touch Series Book One) is all but good to go! Thanks to TreasureLine Publishing, it's only a matter of time before TOUCHING SMOKE will hit Amazon. (More on dates soon!). But I am just so excited! I have to share and tell everyone that it's finally happening!
*deep breath*
But keep an eye out for it. I'll be giving away copies, both ebook and paperback as well as other little treats that shall remain a surprise!!
“He will never stop!”
For sixteen-year-old FALLON BRAEDEN, being haunted was just another day in the life of a gypsy, like being on the run had always been a closely guarded secret, a secret her mother would have happily taken to the grave…
If Isaiah hadn’t caught up with them.
But when Fallon is stalked by fire throwing demons, nearly killed by rebel mutants and finds a soul mate she can never have, even her normally unusual life is thrown into a tangled web of lies, love and betrayal.
As worlds collide, secrets unfold and blood is spilt, Fallon comes to several unsettling revelations: she’s not entirely human, her creator wants her dead, and the only one who can save her is the one person she has to keep at arm’s length or die.

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